Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Woodstock Masonic Centre

Re-dedication of the Woodstock Masonic Centre in 2023.  (100 years)
A great night of history and memories were recalled for Woodstock Archives, Museum and Library.
More information to follow.

A Note from the announcement:

The three Woodstock Lodges, King Solomons No. 43, Oxford No. 76 and Mercer Wilson No. 678 will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the dedication of our lodge building.

In February 1921, the Masons of Woodstock purchased our present facilities, which was the Buckingham Hotel, and had been owned by Bro. R.H. Reid, of King Solomon's Lodge no. 43. The 1st meeting held in our new Lodge Room was the Ceremony of Installation of Oxford No. 76, held on December 27th, 1921. Our Temple was Dedicated Jan. 10th 1923, by Grand Master W.N. Ponton, Belleville On.

We will be honoured by the presence of the Deputy Grand Master, R. W. Bro. Jamie R. Ireland for this important night for the masons in Woodstock. We will be highlighting some of the history of our lodges and this grand old building.

As it is the regular meeting of Oxford Lodge we will open lodge at 7:00 for the business of the evening. Lodge will be closed and we will transition immediately to the commemoration.


We look forward to your presence. A light lunch will be provided at the end of the evening.